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Pole dance and aerial fitness provides a full-body workout that is enormously fun, addictive and a fantastic confidence boost for both women and men.

Because we boast London's biggest and most spacious studios, our classes are often 1 per pole!

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First / Taster class* & Students** £10.50
45 minute class (coming soon) £12.50
60 minute class £15.50
75 minute class £17.00
90 minute class £18.50
Practice Time 1 hr £6.50
5 Classes / 2 months. £67.50 (increasing to £75 in Feb 2019)
10 Classes / 4 months. £115.00 (increasing to £135 in Feb 2019)

*Book online, use code: FIRST10 at checkout

**Contact us for your discount code

Class Types

Pole Tricks: A tricks and combos class taught on static pole.
Spinning Pole: Link your combos and moves while spinning.
Pole Clinic: Focused on inverts for those at general and low intermediate level.
Exotic Pole Dance: A sexy style pole class, with heels.
Friday Flow: Contemporary and pole dance fusion.
Stretch Classes: To aid your strength and flexibility.
Aerial Hoop: Learn tricks and shapes while suspended in the air from a metal ring.


Level 1 - beginners: A slow paced class focused on building strength, confidence and correct technique for basic spins, transitions, floor work, climbing and sitting.
Level 2 - general level / elementary: Learn to combine your pole moves into fluid movement and floor work with spins and tricks. Perfect for those with some pole experience.
Level 3 - pole clinic for low intermediate: Technique, conditioning and fundamentals to build a strong invert and introduce leg hangs, plus progressions from beginner level. NOT suitable for new starters.
Level 4 - mid intermediate: Must be able to invert confidently with strong leg holds for learning progressions from shoulder mount, superman and more.
Level 5 - upper intermediate / advanced: Mixed ability classes for those with solid level 4 skills and understanding.