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Pole dance and aerial fitness provides a full-body workout that is enormously fun, addictive and a fantastic confidence boost for both women and men.

Because we boast London's biggest and most spacious studios, our classes are often 1 per pole!

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Class Types

Pole Tricks: Tricks and combos, taught on static pole.
Pole Dance: A choreography class, style varies. For lovers of dance!
Spinning Pole: Dance combos and moves while spinning.
Exotic Pole Dance: A sexy style pole class, with heels.
Floorwork: No pole - learn balance and strength skills on the floor with rolls, kips, shoulder stands, leg waves & more.
Aerial Hoop: Learn tricks & shapes while suspended from a metal ring.
Stretch: To aid your strength and flexibility.

You can find Contours Pole classes with our partners in Finsbury Park at The Factory Gym and in Battersea or Covent Garden with Pole Cats London. Please refer to these links for bookings and pricing.